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Thor’s Hammer Mjöllnir


Thor’s Hammer Mjöllnir pendant with Celtic and Triskel designs is a work of art that blends Norse mythology with Celtic engravings and the Triskel symbol. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it embodies power and protection. It is a durable accessory suitable for any occasion. To own this pendant is to embrace strength, courage and ancient roots. Measures 30 x 20 mm. A symbol that spans the centuries, perfect for those who wish to combine meaning and style.

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Hammer of thor Mjöllnir pendant with Celtic and triskel designs

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Norse mythology through the striking pendant, a true work of art embellished with Celtic engravings and the Triskel symbol.

Created with care and skill using unalterable stainless steel, this pendant captures within itself the very essence of power and protection evoked by the figure of the legendary Hammer.

Not only does this pendant embody a profound meaning, but it also comes in an ideal size for daily wear with pride and style.

Its sturdy and durable construction lends durability, ensuring that it can be worn in any situation, from an elegant evening out to an outdoor adventure.

Now you have the opportunity to own an authentic piece of Nordic legend, a symbol that spans the centuries, representing strength, courage, and connection to ancient roots.

Wear it proudly, known both for its significance and timeless design.

n Stainless steel material.

Measurements: 30 x 20 mm

Additional information

Weight 100 g

in fabric, metal


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