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Premium Chakra and Amethyst Pendulum


The Chakra and Amethyst Premium pendulum is used for divination and searching for lost and found objects. It amplifies and manifests vibrational energy to give indications of the type of energy present. Comes with an original bag for storage.

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Premium Chakra and Amethyst Pendulum

The hang down it is usually used to divine, or to search for lost objects

The function of the pendulum is to make manifest, with its movement, a vibration of energy that the person is able to perceive. The pendulum amplifies this vibration, making it evident, and, if used wisely, its type of movement can give indications on the type of energy present, that is, a whole series of information and answers that depend on the sector in which the radiesthesist is doing the research.
For detailed information you can see the comprehensive page on our blog, The Divining Pendulum: A Complete Guide to its Divination.

The hang down it comes with an original bag for storage.

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Weight 100 g


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