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Cards of Transformation


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Cards of Transformation – Deck of Cards from The Scrabble

Explore the mystery and fascination of ancient divination cards with Scrabble’s Cards of Transformation. This unique deck captures the essence of early divination cards, blending symbols of the suits with suggestive figures to create shapes and patterns that hold deep and hidden meanings.

Main Features:

  • Ancient Charm: The “Cards of Transformation” embody the spirit of the earliest divination cards, evoking a sense of mystery and magic that resonates through the ages. Each card is steeped in symbolism and meanings to be discovered and interpreted.
  • Evocative Symbols: Seed symbols mingle with the figures on the cards, creating evocative compositions that prompt reflection and interpretation. Each card is a treasure trove of allusions and truths to be explored.
  • Complete Deck: The deck consists of 40 cards, each full of unique details and meanings. These cards offer a comprehensive overview of themes and symbols that can guide your soul-searching and your understanding of the world around you.
  • Practical Size: With dimensions of 70×110 mm, the cards are easy to handle and shuffle, allowing you to immerse yourself in the divination experience without difficulty.
  • Multilingual Edition: The cards include instructions in a multilingual edition, giving you access to the information you need to use the deck in different languages, ensuring a clear and complete understanding of the cards.

Why Choose Cards of Transformation:

“Cards of Transformation” offer a compelling journey into the world of divination, inviting you to explore ancient symbols and hidden meanings. With their timeless appeal and wealth of symbols, these cards are a valuable addition to any divinatory practice, offering a way to understand and interpret life and destiny.

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