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    The tarot of Loka tarot


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    The tarot of Loka tarot

    The deck was created both to play with the ancient game of tarot and for divination, in fact the attached booklet explains perfectly how to play.

    The tarot has an ancient lineage dating back to the 15th century. During the Renaissance period, tarot decks were used to play cards, a tradition that remains in parts of Italy and France. It was only in the 18th century that mystics began to use the tarot as a divination tool, and today, at least in the English-speaking world, the popular conception associates tarot cards with occultism and fortune teller. Because we love the games and the fascinating historical image of the original tarot cards, at River Horse we decided it was time to restore balance, so we created a deck of tarot cards that paid homage to the original use of tarot cards. as a game, plain and simple. And who better to illustrate this deck than the master fantasy artist, Ralph Horsley, who fused images of Alessio’s fantasy world, Loka, with the design of the original medieval tarot cards.

    The Loka Tarot is designed for play, not for divination, and this intent is clarified in the guide (small white booklet, with the part in Italian ). However, I hope nobody cares too much if I focus my deck review on using the Loka Tarot for divination purposes, as this is my area of interest.

    The inspiration for the deck comes from the fantasy world of Loka, which you can see in another game, Loka: The World of Fantasy Chess. The warriors in four armies, the armies corresponding to the four suits, Fire, Earth, Water and Air, are in battle, although two armies are in alliance against the other two armies. In a sense, the Tarot game for Loka as outlined in reflects this premise.

    The original intent for the Loka Tarot is a family oriented card game for four players. The deck provides the rules of the game and part of the divination reading.



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