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Tarot symbolon


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Tarot symbolon

This very rare and almost unobtainable Symbolon tarot deck is perfect for understanding what hinders our happiness and describing our nature with the help of astrology.

These cards reach the memories of the soul. Personal understanding and symbolism in daily life are revealed through the cards. With the constant mutability of their combinations, the cards provide the full gamut of human experience. A symbolon is an object broken into two parts that want to be brought together in a single subject. The 78 images of the Symbolon deck are designed to help you remember your forgotten inner aspect that is affecting your life. Each card shows a picture, scenes that reflect one of these inner characters or their action.

These small works of art, created with skill and rich in symbols, aim to illustrate the astral positions attributed to them by highlighting the characteristics of the Celestial Bodies in the Zodiacal Sign of influence. The reader will thus be able to make use of a more explicit overview and a more evident verification tool compared to astral graphics, encoded in glyphs, generally not very accessible.

On each illustration there are the glyphs of the Zodiac Signs and those of the respective Lord or Governor. These ensure that the choice of images is not accidental, since specific astral combinations are already associated with them. Each individual is unique; the same image takes on different shades in consideration of some and determining contingent factors, such as, for example, belonging to one or the other sex, the relevance of the astrological house affected, the position of the planets or fictitious points that accompany the astral vibration of interest, family, environmental and cultural circumstances, and others.

  • The pack contains 78 cards
  • Brochure by Peter Orban

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