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House purification incense

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House purification incense

This home purification incense is a perfect ally to clean and purify the environment of your home effectively and quickly. Over time, homes become charged with negative energies that need to be eliminated, and this is possible with this house cleaning incense.

People who visit us at home or even yourself when you come home after a hard day’s work can put a lot of bad energy into your home. To reverse this, you only have to help yourself with this powerful esoteric incense. Energetically cleanse and purify your home, ridding it of negative energies and charging it with positive energies.

Presentation of the house purification incense

  • Comes in a box containing 20 incense sticks.
  • The duration of each rod is approximately 20-30 minutes
  • It is an incense made in India
  • Based on natural essential oils
  • It does not contain substances that are harmful or toxic to health

Benefits of incense

  • This incense is ideal for freeing yourself from negative energies, as it cleans and purifies all spaces in your home. Eliminate negative energies and charge your home with positive energies
  • The smoke that releases this powerful incense is perfect for bringing balance to any corner of your home. Peace and harmony will reign again
  • You will feel again how the forces, vitality and energies have re-installed themselves in your body, leaving behind discomfort, fatigue, stress and overwhelm.
  • It will free you from all the evil that third parties have launched against you, as it carries out a thorough cleaning of spaces, protecting you from black magic
  • It helps to bring great aroma and freshness to your home . Promotes relaxation

How to use this incense to clean the house?

This incense is used like any other of the brand. You need to light the tip with a match and let it burn for 10 seconds. After that, you just have to carefully extinguish the flame and let the rod burn out completely. Do not place incense near open windows.

Never breathe directly the smoke that releases this incense. Avoid leaving incense unattended, as it could cause accidents or fires in your home. Remember never to leave incense within the reach of children. Turn it on at least twice a week so that the results last longer. Use it in well-ventilated places.



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