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Oxum enhanced candle – love and money


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Oxum enhanced candle – love and money

A specially prepared Oxum candle consecrated to Oxum, this candle is used to sweeten or attract the desired person. We will use it to sweeten couples, the characters of the members of the couple. For greater understanding and better dialogue between the couple.

Powerful hand-prepared candle for requests to OXUM of sweetener, especially in economy and love. Includes ritual and instructions. Perform in the crescent or full moon phase of the moon.

Oxum the vain and flirtatious freshwater queen. Dominatrix of gold and love. Lady of the Falls. Associated with motherhood and newborns.

Orixá female, well known and revered in Brazil, where her image is almost always associated with motherhood. He is often invoked through the affectionate expression Mae Oxum.

Oxum is the name of a river in the Oxogbo region of Nigeria.

It is mystically regarded as the home of the goddess who gives it its name, or as some prefer, the goddess herself despite the common association between rivers and female deities in the African pantheon, Oxum is highlighted as the owner of fresh water Therefore, its element is the discreetly moving water in rivers, the water of non-swampy lagoons, as these are intended for Nana Buruku. and mainly, the Cascadas, where the bidding is done. Oxum is responsible for the gift of fertility, as are Yemanja and Oxalá. It is to her that women who want to become pregnant turn, as it is their responsibility to care for both gestating fetuses and newborn creatures until they can speak.

Oxum also has as one of his domains, sexual activity and sensuality itself, being considered one of the most beautiful physical figures in the Yoruba mystical pantheon. Its color is golden yellow. For some, this indicates the pleasure Oxum has with everything beautiful and expensive; it has a very refined taste. Popularly, in Brazil, it is associated with gold, as it is the most precious metal known.

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