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Tumbled amethyst quartz crystal


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Tumbled amethyst quartz crystal
Amethyst calms emotions, therefore it is used to relieve stress and emotional exhaustion. Being a classic meditation tool, it is useful for calming and focusing an overactive mind. It also alleviates addictions and any tendency of the personality to addiction, allowing the potential to change and grow.
Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection, capable of making thinking clear and quick.

Peace, spirituality, clarity, meditation; Intuition, calm and clear dreams; useful for those with restless sleep; It favors the conscious perception and the re-elaboration of experiences;

Crystallization: trigonal system
Family: quartz
Colors: purple, in all degrees of intensity

Chakra: Crown
Archangel: Zadkiel
Astrology: Stone associated with Capricorn and Aries.

Soul: amethyst stimulates spiritual awareness and awareness of reality beyond matter; helps to understand the spiritual motivations that exist behind the events; in this sense it also helps in the re-elaboration of mourning and pain due to the loss of the one we love; favors intuition and introspective ability; strengthens the sense of justice, honesty and humility

Subconscious: stimulates the revealing dreams of one’s own deep truths; it calms the nervous system by sedating hallucinations and delusions, fears and neuroses; mitigates selfishness and the inability to love

Mental sphere: calms the mind by placating chaotic thoughts and thus promotes concentration; it removes feelings of guilt, inferiority complexes and insecurity; it makes you aware and sober

Emotional sphere: calms emotions by helping clarity and concentration; in moments of deep sadness, it lightens the burden of unfavorable events

Body: fights insomnia and nightmares, promoting a truly restorative rest; relieves pain and tension; in this way it calms headaches and migraines, bruises, wounds and swellings; useful in skin problems, for the lungs and the nervous system. Mitigates hypertension and stiffness, regulates the reabsorption of liquids

Other peculiarities: the amethyst families (druze or geodes) are excellent for rebalancing the energy of the rooms, especially the bedrooms (to enjoy a better quality rest) and the rooms where we receive people outside the family . Very useful in the offices of doctors, lawyers, psychologists, etc., where people go when they have a problem that afflicts them and they find there how to let off steam; in these spaces the heavy frequencies that release customers / patients accumulate and therefore it is necessary to maintain and / or restore a balanced environment full of favorable energy, for the benefit of all.

Cleaning and Recharging: by immersion in cold salt water (a few hours) or with sun baths (no direct light) and moon baths, they regenerate its vitality. When the amethyst has given up all the energy potential it has, it will become fragile and break; at that point it is time to return it to nature, releasing it into the water

Use: carry it with you (in your pocket or in a natural fiber bag hanging around your neck); wear it as a stone mounted in pendants, necklaces or bracelets; sleep on it, inserting it into the pillowcase; also excellent during moments of meditation and reiki treatments; fundamental mineral in crystal therapy treatments

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Weight50 g

Cage pendant, Only Stone


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