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Patchouli ritual oil – love lust


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Patchouli ritual oil

Patchouli oil helps us in our connection with the planet and the vibrational patterns of the past that we may encounter on our journey. It dissolves negativity and promotes good dreams. Magically, patchouli oil is used in rituals to attract love and encourage lust.

Patchouli oil is also used to combat frigidity and impotence, improve self-esteem and make us rediscover the interest in life if we are going through a complicated situation.

It is a great stimulant for attraction. It separates all that is negative and provides peace, harmony and a powerful personal attraction.

Another of the famous qualities of Patchouli is that of enhancing sexuality. Its aroma generates a relaxed but at the same time vigorous atmosphere, thus favoring the climate for satisfying sexual intercourse.

Patchouli is also a nervous system stimulant, thus increasing concentration. Its use is recommended if the person wants to relax and enter a state of peace and serenity. By rebalancing the nervous system, it takes us away from anxiety, giving way to a state of calm.

To raise funds, patchouli essential oil is sprinkled on money, bags, and can even be used to grease a green candle before lighting it.

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